Thanks to our innovations we are competitive

Our company, our commitment

We are among the leading companies in monitoring, assisting and treating patients with diabetes. Our state of the art blood glucose meters, our glycated hemoglobin and lipid profile analyzers make Alpha Pharma a leader in predictive and precision medicine, thanks also to the Iris Health Care system which ensures continuous monitoring of people with diabetes or with diabetes risk.

Strategic assets

Research, development and effective sales network are strategic assets that make Alpha Pharma one of the main references in the health and wellness industry.


In the wake of the 20% annual increase in turnover, Alpha Pharma will also confirm the operating profit of 30% (already achieved) in the near future.


The 2020-2024 investments in research and development foresee the annual increase of its market share. At the end of this four-year period, Alpha Pharma will surely reach an audience of 360 thousand people with diabetes in Italy.

Responsibility and confidentiality

Our policy: improving the quality of life of people who suffer, innovation to prevent diseases and lengthening life expectancy. These dynamics are deeply-rooted in the ethical values that drive all our choices.

Confidentiality and privacy are essential elements we take responsibility of. In applied telemedicine, privacy, computer files and personal data are considered by Alpha Pharma Service as property to be protected in the same way as real estate and human resources.

Transparency and Loyaty

All information is communicated simply and subjected to continuous updates in full compliance with all regulatory and legal standards. Values such as sincerity and clarity in communication might be present in every company profile.

We fight against both active and passive corruption; no ambiguous mediations: Internal and external company’s conduct moves come along with this principle. Alpha Pharma is particularly careful to support all the processes necessary to avoid situations of conflict of interest, advantages and privileges. In commercial business, as well as in production conditions, Alpha Pharma devotes maximum surveillance to maintain high quality standard and responsible consumption.

Sustainability and equity

Every business choice and research approach are inspired by the precautionary principle. Maximum attention is paid to environmental problems and initiatives that tend to promote not only a mitigation effect, but also a process of greater eco-responsibility and eco-sustainability. Design and dissemination of Alpha Pharma products and services are based on sustainable development policies; we believe that environmental protection is a collective concern at all levels:
We prefer to adopt innovative and less energetic solution. The pursued goals are as following: contributing to fight against overheating and the protection of biodiversity, reducing asymmetries and promoting equity and social cohesion.