Predictive medicine and therapeutic adherence.

Applied telemedicine

Alpha Pharma is one of the leading Italian companies in monitoring and remote assistance, it has achieved a prominent place in the panorama of predictive and precision medicine.
Much more than simple technology: it is a vision, a method of patient and pathology management focused on reliable, monitored and efficient autonomy.

We are able to maintain a complete, clear and scientific picture of the individual’s health through a control room which is always manned by our best technical staff. Making the patient independent in the management and monitoring of the disease means reducing stress and anxiety due to direct experience of hospitalization or visits for clinical tests in a hospital setting.

The result is a better perception of one’s own living condition and also a better management and destination of the spaces and hospital means of the Healthcare System.
Glunovo, Pixotest and Iris Healthcare are three of the devices we work with. All of them are compatible with Alpha Pharma telemedicine system.

Advantages of Alpha Pharma’s telemedicine

Advantages of the doctor

  • No software / app is needed
  • He can constantly monitor the patient’s status
  • He can access everyday updated medical data archive
  • He can avoid crowding in the clinic

Advantages of the patient

  • Total self-monitoring of his/her own condition
  • Therapeutic adherence without margin of error
  • Maximum privacy thanks to a secure and advanced system
  • Reliable control anywhere and anytime

Alpha Pharma research carried out several products connected to a unique network of services


The conducted steps in process and product innovation have made Alpha Pharma the exclusive distributor of “Glunovo” in Italy, one of the newest meters that has revolutionized self-monitoring. By eliminating the need for puncture in the finger and introducing a coin-operated glucosensor worn on the abdomen, Glunovo uses the very small CGM device (continuos glucose monitoring) constantly in contact with the interstitial liquid. It is connected to a transmitter capable of sending 480 measurements per day to the mobile phone and to the platform. They guarantee best quality in terms of adherence to therapy and precision medicine.


A single device to obtain HbA1c glycated hemoglobin test and an effective lipid profile with efficient and precise results.
The PixoTest System uses the luminescence and image detection module to detect the color changes on the test strips.
Through built-in wireless transmission modules, Pixotest supplies the rapid upload of all test data within the cloud and a good connection to patient management systems.

Iris Healthcare

The “Iris Health Care” system of Alpha Pharma and Emtesys ensures continuous monitoring through a digital platform and through smart and unique electromedical devices for measuring blood glucose, such as the “Iris Evolution Plus” glucometer.

Therapeutic adherence

The advantage of advanced telemedicine

Alpha Pharma is constantly focused on the well-being of the person. For this reason we have developed a telemedicine system which is able to support constantly the patient during every moment of the day. Through an advanced artificial intelligence system, the patient gets advice and reminders oriented to his well-being.

Thanks to our virtual assistance, the patient will be able to observe more precisely and scrupulously the therapy prescribed by the doctor with all the consequent advantages of having a real personal therapeutic coach.