Predictive Medicine and therapeutic adherence


Alpha Pharma is one of the leading Italian companies in monitoring and remote assistance and it has acquired a prominent place in the panorama of predictive and precision medicine.

Alpha Pharma’s Iris Health Care system ensures a continuous monitoring through a digital platform powered by smart and unique electro-medical devices.

The platform is an effective service for achieving an objective improvement in the quality of life of the diabetic subject and at the same time for reducing the costs of care for the National Health Service.

IRIS Health Care is a complete system of hardware and software components for the provision of the innovative tele-diabetology service.

It is an extremely reliable cloud computing service ( capable of automatically acquiring glycemic data from various devices, providing very important analyzes and information to doctors and patients.

Particular attention was paid to data security and their continuous availability.

IRIS Health Care, in addition to providing very important data analyzes to the specialist, is able to automatically send alert messages to patients (and / or their caregivers) in the event that the value of the measure falls within certain attention ranges.


For the doctor, via the web service

For the patient, via smartphone, PC and tablet


  • It favors the corrective interventions of the therapy
  • It concretely prevents episodes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • It helps to decrease the risk of cardiovascular events

WEB service with the innovative DSS (Decision Support System):

  • It helps the Doctor in analyzing the patient’s glycemic data, measuring in particular the effectiveness of self-control and the level of risk (hypo and hyper glycemia).

Electronic diary

The IRIS Health Care web service has been designed to be both comprehensive and efficient. Database management is optimized for intensive use of the system (many thousands of accesses to the web service per day, even simultaneous).

Ipo & Hyper alarms

The service is able to automatically send alert messages to patients (and / or their caregivers) in the event that the value of the measure falls within certain attention ranges. These bands can also be modified and customized for each patient as established by the specialist doctor.

Metabolic Dashboard

It favors interventions to correct therapy, especially to determine the possibility of early intervention, in order to concretely prevent episodes of hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, which increase the risk of cardiovascular events.

In view of the role of glycemic variability in the genesis of diabetes complications, it becomes important, in clinical practice, to use the best available methods for its assessment in order to provide reliable feedback to improve glycemic control.

With the mathematical processing of data from glycemic self-control, predictive indices of hypoglycemia or hyperglycemia were created and validated: the Low Blood Glucose Index (LBGI), a measure of the risk of severe hypoglycemia and the High Blood Glucose index (HBGI). They combined together are useful for setting up the treatment aimed at minimizing glycemic fluctuations. The philosophy is to make sense of the gesture of care and prevention with small and large daily answers at your fingertips. In an increasingly alarming scenario in which the value of responsibility towards the health of the Other will be increasingly decisive, innovating to cure and, above all, prevent means creating an effective service that favors a participatory path and a virtuous alliance between doctors, pharmacists, patients and family members.

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