Analyzer of lipidic profile and glicated hemoglobin

Immediatezza e Prevenzione

Il POCT (Point Of Care Testing) è definito come “un’analisi medica svolta in prossimità del sito di cura ed assistenza del paziente” .
Il focus alla base del POCT è quello di eseguire il test nel modo più comodo, immediato per il paziente ed il medico che in tempo reale valuta lo stato biologico del soggetto.

Precision Prevention

The PixoTest POCT System integrates the HbA1c glycated hemoglobin and Lipid Profile test in a single device to provide efficient and precise results.
PixoTest uses the luminescence and image detection module to get the changes of the color on the test strips. The image is captured and analyzed through the measurement algorithm to obtain a quantitative result.

The Test

The patient can run the test in the doctor’s office, in an ambulance, at home or in the hospital. The results of this assistance are timely and allow rapid treatment for the patient.
Supporting doctors in making timely decisions means enhancing significantly healthcare intervention.
The success comes from the transition from curative medicine to predictive, personalized and preventive one based on the development of portable diagnostic and monitoring devices.

Electronic management in pharmacy

The built-in wireless transmission modules allow the rapid upload of all test data within the cloud and the connection to patient management systems. The PixoTest POCT system can be perfectly installed in pharmacies or in hospital settings, it can be adapted to the necessary needs for a greater assistance efficiency.

Technical features

wdt_ID Characteristic Glycated Hemoglobin Lipid Profile
1 Measurement %Hemoglobin A1c Lipid Profile (Total Cholesterol, HDL, Triglycerides and Calculated LDL
2 Sample type Whole blood, fingertip blood and venous blood, Whole blood, fingertip blood and venous blood Whole blood, fingertip blood and venous blood, Whole blood, fingertip blood and venous blood
3 Sample volume 0,5 μL 35 μL
4 Test Duration Within 3 minutes Within 3 minutes
5 Principle Optical method and immunoassay Optical and enzymatic method
6 Measuring range 4-15% (20-140 mmol / mol) TC: 100-450 mg / dl | HDL: 25-95 mg / dl | TG: 45-650 mg / dl
7 Hemoglobin range 7-23 g/dl -
8 HTC 25-65% -
9 Operating temperature 15-32°C (59°F-90°F) 18-32°C (64°F-90°F)
10 Storage Temperature 1-30°C (34°F-86°F) 2-32°C (36°F-90°F)

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