Iris Hybrid

Hybrid Glucose Monitoring

Iris Hybrid

It is the glucometer that integrates all the technology of the continuous glycemic monitoring system with artificial intelligence. It supports the patient to guide him in an experience of unparalleled therapeutic adherence.
It is always connected to IRIS HEALTH CARE, the telemedicine platform of Alpha Pharma Service and Emtesys equipped with a control room, the beating heart of all our telemedicine systems. With each measurement, Iris Hybryd sends data to the platform and it receives feedback based on the therapeutic indications of the specialist doctor, without resorting to a smartphone application, thus increasing privacy and security.

Always is under control

The Iris Hybrid glucometer, according to the results of the measurements and the therapeutic indications of the doctor, it is able to play the role of a true virtual assistant, thus aligning the patient to observance the correct therapy prescribed by the doctor by sending personalized notifications.
Iris Hybrid calculates and highlights the daily risk index of hyper and / or hypoglycemia (the ADRR, the Average Daily Risk Range), the glycemic management index (the GMI, the Glucose Management Indicator), the average values and the coefficients of variation of the glycaemia to 7 | 14 | 30 | 90 days and the Time In Range (TIR), the time interval within which the blood glucose values are normal.
Thanks to its electronic diary function, Iris Hybrid stores the values of over 500 measurements with date and time.

Artificial intelligence

At the service of the patient’s well-being

Thanks to an advanced system for sending and receiving information, Iris Hybrid is able to support the patient with personalized notifications based on his therapeutic plan (dictated by the specialist) and based on the results of his measurements.

This means a greater therapeutic adherence, therefore less risk of incorrect therapy intake and a greater prolonged well-being.


The IRIS HEALTH CARE platform is able to calculate and report the Average Daily Risk Range (ADRR), the daily index that predicts the risk of hyper and/or hypoglycemia.


Using IRIS HEALTH CARE, the doctor has the possibility, without having to use any software or app, to monitor the measurements in real time, to check – and possibly to correct – the therapy and he can send personalized messages to the patient.
The pharmacist can make immediate pharmacist-diabetic mediation. The caregiver can direct help more effectively.


wdt_ID Caratteristica Valori
2 Intervallo di misura Da 10 a 600 mg/dL (0.6-33.3 mmol/L)
3 Calibrazione Plasma-equivalente
4 Campione Sangue intero fresco (capillare, venoso, arterioso)
5 Principio Metodo ottico e immunodosaggio
6 Intervallo di Misurazione 4-15% (20-140 mmol/mol)
7 Intervallo Emoglobina 7-23 g/dl
8 HTC 25-65%
9 Temperatura di Operatività 15-32°C (59°F-90°F)
10 Temperatura di Conservazione 1-30°C (34°F-86°F)
11 Unità di misura mg/dL

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