Iris Healthcare

More effective diabetes management

Iris Hybrid

This glucometer integrates all the technology of the continuous glycemic monitoring system with artificial intelligence to support the patient and to guide him to an unparalleled therapeutic adherence experience.
It is always connected to IRIS HEALTH CARE, the telemedicine platform of Alpha Pharma Service and Emtesys which is equipped with a control room, the beating heart of all our telemedicine systems. At each measurement, Iris Hybryd sends the data to the platform and receives feedback based on the therapeutic indications of the specialist doctor without resorting to a smartphone application, thus increasing privacy and security.

Iris Evolution

The IRIS EVOLUTION glucometer (ISO 15197: 2015 certification) is able to guarantee an effective blood glucose monitoring system.
It is extremely easy to use: it is equipped with Bluetooth technology. IRIS HEALTH CARE application can be used with smartphones, Android and iOS operating system in order to send blood glucose measurements.


The Platform manages some basic information such as the amount of carbohydrates associated with each meal, the correction factor, the sensitivity factor and the glycemic set poit for each patient. These parameters are useful to calculate the insulin recommended for each each pre-prandial measure.
The patient and the doctor through the IRIS HC platform and the dedicated control room are always interconnected or thanks to the management of the values carried out by the platform pursuing the criterion of predictive and precision medicine, the doctor can correct the insulin therapy in time based on the effects.


The IRIS HEALTH CARE platform is able to calculate and report the Average Daily Risk Range (ADRR), the daily index that predicts the risk of hyper and / or hypoglycaemia.


Using IRIS HEALTH CARE the doctor has the possibility to monitor the measurements in real time, verify – and eventually correct – the therapy and send personalized messages to the patient. The pharmacist can make pharmacist-diabetic mediation immediate. The caregiver can assist the patient more effectively.