Continuous Blood glucose monitoring system

How the CGM system works

The CGM System (Continuous Monitoring of Blood Glucose) works by inserting a small sensor under the skin. The sensor consisting of a flexible electrode is constantly in contact with the interstitial liquid to measure glucose levels continuously. A transmitter is strictly connected to the sensor in order to transmit detected values information to the patient’s cell phone.

Diabetes management requires constant monitoring

The “real time” display and alarm systems allow an active participation of the patients in self-management, guaranteeing greater awareness of their state and greater sensitivity to changes in order to improve their quality of life.


GLUNOVO CGM is a state of the art continuous blood glucose monitoring system that provides a complete glycemic framework to improve decisions on the treatment of diabetic pathology.

  • Very thin flexible probe
  • IPX8 Waterproof design
  • Thin transmitter and sensor
  • Single pressure inserter
  • Sensor life of 14 days
  • Cloud IRIS HC data platform
  • Duration of transmitter 3 years
  • MARD < 10%

24 hours a day real-time monitoring

480 measures per day available in real time guarantee the best quality service in terms of adherence to therapy and precision medicine.

GLUNOVO CGM Application for mobile devices

The GLUNOVO CGM app allows the synchronization of measurements by means of transmitter, storage of results and display of the glycemic diary with a diachronic classification of the measurement time. It also shows the display of graphs regarding the trend and distribution of blood glucose results.

Reading the data is simple and intuitive

  • Blood glucose reading: Real-time glucose data updated every 3 minutes
  • Trend arrow: The arrow indicates the variability of glucose compared to the target range
  • Glucose data curve: The graph consists of the measurement data every 3 minutes stored for up to 14 days.

IRIS HEALTH CARE Advanced telemedicine service

The GLUNOVO CGM system is connected to the IRIS HEALTH CARE platform which offers diversified and manageable services based on the indications of the specialist doctor.
The IRIS HEALTH CARE platform calculates and highlights the daily index of risk of hyper and / or hypoglycaemia (the ADRR, the Average Daily Risk Range), the estimate of the glycated hemoglobin (HbA1C), the average values and the coefficients of change in blood sugar in 7 | 14 | 30 | 90 days and the Time In Range (TIR), the time interval within which blood glucose values remain normal.

Diabetes management becomes more effective

By using IRIS HEALTH CARE platform the doctor has the possibility to monitor measurements in real time, verify – possibly adjust – the therapy and send messages to the patient. The pharmacist can make the pharmacist-diabetic mediation immediate. The caregiver can guarantee a more effective aid.

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