What we do

Applied telemedicine and personalized medicine

What Research and development mean to us

Monitoring, prevention and autonomy

Daily prevention and treatment are at the heart of Alpha Pharma’s values. In an increasingly alarming scenario in which the value of responsibility towards the health of other people has been increasingly decisive, innovation and prevention are meant to create an effective service and a virtuous bond between doctors, pharmacists, patients and family members.

Prevention and treatment

An essential component of Alpha Pharma is its biomedical engineering section. This is the reason why, since 2015 we have invested in startups and in people engaged in the technical development of projects related to medicine.

Alpha Pharma has always had a clear idea of innovative research and development in biotechnology and personalized medicine. This is the reason why they are both working on the development of pharmacogenomics tests aiming at the use of drugs – or combinations of drugs – that will suit you well, according to your own, singular, genetic heritage.

Hence the company choice to start a collaboration with PersonGene, an innovative startup of the University of Bari, a real local excellence.
PersonGene was born from research in nephrology, it offers pharmacogenomics tests with accurate algorithms, essential to guarantee an effective therapeutic adherence to the treatment and prevention of metabolic, cardiovascular and more generally chronic diseases.


As one of the leader companies in the monitoring and teleassistance industry, Alpha Pharma Service plays an important role in the panorama of the predictive and accurate medicine.

The Iris Health Care system has been developed by Alpha Pharma. It ensures a continuous and complete monitoring by means of a digital platform driven by unique and smart devices intended to detect blood glucose levels such as the glucometer “Iris Evolution Plus”.

The platform is an effective service to achieve objective improvement of the quality of life of the person with diabetes. This kind of service will reduce the costs of treatment borne by the National Health Service.