Innovation: improving by simplifying
Future telemedicine is already here.

Life Science Company

Prevention and treatment

Our mission is to improve the quality of your life reducing treatment through simple steps. We focus on prevent, treat and defuse serious effect.
We strive to improve health protection through a continuous and accurate monitoring of the patient in order to reduce hospitalizations.


As one of the leader companies in the monitoring and teleassistance field, Alpha Pharma Service plays an important role in the panorama of the predictive and accurate medicine. The Iris Health Care system has been developed by Alpha Pharma and Emtesys. It ensures a continuous and complete monitoring by means of a digital platform driven by unique and smart devices intended to detect blood glucose levels.

Alpha Corporate

Innovation and science

Alpha Pharma is a young Life Science Company mostly composed by young people. In order to answer a much more complex and comprehensive demand in the industry of technological innovation, Alpha Pharma has reached an important position in the scenario of applied telemedicine.

Iris Hybrid

Iris Hybrid glucometer combines the technology of the continuous glycemic monitoring system with artificial intelligence that supports and assists the patient to a much more therapeutic adherence experience. Iris Hybrid device is always connected to IRIS HEALTH CARE: the telemedicine platform of Alpha Pharma Service and Emtesys. The platform is equipped with a control room: the beating heart our overall telemedicine systems. At each measurement, Iris Hybryd sends the detected data to the platform and receives feedback elaborated by a specialist doctor without resorting to a smartphone application, thus increasing privacy and security.

Alpha Magazine

A new and designed channel for the spreading of our scientific mission statement is Alpha Magazine: check out all the latest news related to the world of our research. Magazine’s sections are managed by our experts and all official communications by our communication office.