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Covid 19 emergency, rapid test “Vivadiag”

Alpha Pharma is the exclusive distributor of Vivadiag rapid test. In Italy The Campania region has palced an order of one million. We have got requests from all over the south of Italy and some other regions like Lazio, Lombardy and Liguria.

«VivaDiag Covid 19» is an in vitro diagnostic test, for professional use. In Italy the only distributor of the test is “Alpha Pharma”: a Bari-based company leader in the Italian biotechnology market. The Campania Region has already booked a million kits. Requests came from Calabria, Basilicata, Sicily, and also from Liguria and Lombardy.

In Puglia, three thousand tests have been ordered by the Tumor Institute of Bari Irccs (Institute of hospitalization and care of a scientific nature) “Giovanni Paolo II”; five thousand tests have been requested by the GVM private health group. Lately other orders have been placed by the Multiservices of the Municipality of Bari and from banking institutions. The test is already in use in hospitals, clinics, medical centers.

VivaDiag Covid 19 IgM / IgC is produced by VivaChek in Hangzhou, China (; It is an in vitro diagnostic test for the qualitative determination of anti-Covid-19 IgM and IgG antibodies in human blood (taken from a vein or fingertip) in serum or plasma.

“User-friendly test, just fifteen minutes to show the result, great scientific accuracy.

Oronzo Cervelli – CEO of Alpha Pharma

«Nowadays the scientific community has to deal with asymptomatics: people who are apparently free from Coronavirus but which could be healthy carriers. This test allows you to perform a screening that can immediately evaluate the presence of antibodies in order to track the progress of the infection “, this is what Maurizio Cipolla, a clinical pathologist who carried out the scientific validity tests of” VivaDiag » said. Also, according to an international protocol (clinical prs). “It is an effective tool for rapid assessment of who has had contact with Covid-19 positives,” the pathologist adds.

The single kit test, has been notified to the Ministry of Health (code 1929970) and has been registered in the Farmadati register (with code 980341123). It is sold to the public at a price of 25 euros and distributed directly to medical and hospital facilities, public and private entities and pharmacies.

It is a very easy and user-friendly test, it takes just fifteen minutes, high scientific accuracy of the result. “Our advice – explains Oronzo Cervelli, CEO of Alpha Pharma – is, in any case, to be guided by a doctor or an expert while running the test out, especially in reading the result ».

«In a statistical scenario in which there is a risk of contagion for one person out of two, every healthcare provider has the duty to actively participate”

Michele Cassese – general manager of “Alpha Pharma”

“In a statistical scenario in which there is a risk of contagion for one in two people – says the general manager of Alpha Pharma, Michele Cassese – every health entrepreneurial reality has a responsibility. With great efforts we have strengthened our traditional production channel in China with the highly specialized laboratories of VivaChek Biotech in Hangzhou which exports to America and to many European and world countries. We are convinced that placing on the market as many as possible reliable and diagnostic tools at low prices is an urgency to decongest the care system and increase safety standards in this difficult period due to pandemic”.

The rapid test distributed by Alpha contains conjugate pad: recombinant SARS-CoV-2 antigen labeled with colloidal gold which linked FITC, FITC antibody and quality control antibody gold marker. 2) NC membrane: coated with two detection lines (IgG line and IgM line) and one quality control line (C line).

How to use. The box contains a test cassette; a bottle of buffer, a disposable lancing device, an alcohol wipe, a micropipette. The kit must be taken out of the box and left in the room where the test will be carried out for at least 30 minutes; the equipment supplied must be placed on a clean and completely dust-free surface; use the lancing device to bring out a drop of blood from your fingertip (same as you do with the prick for blood glucose tests) and put the drop into the well reserved for blood. Add two drops of buffer (contained in a small bottle). After fifteen minutes, read the result.

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